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This section of our website is designed to provide families of children who are deaf-blind with important information and includes ways to keep Indiana families linked with each other and to the activities of our project. We would love to expand what we offer to families on our website, so please let us know what we can add that would help you and your family!

What do you see when you see my son? I see one of the most amazing children I have ever known. His story is amazing.

Listen to Miguel's story  Listen to Miguel's story


When Don and I married almost 42 years ago, I knew our marriage and the birth of our children would be among my greatest blessings. When our grandchildren came along, it was the icing on the cake. But, unbeknownst to me, God had saved a most unusual gift.

Father and young daughter in float in a swimming pool.Up until about a year ago, when someone from my past would ask me what I've been up to I would always respond with "I'm just living the dream". It was true. We were living the dream.



Jessie Mines is a parent who joined the Indiana Deaf-Blind Services Project Family Leadership Training Program. Her goal was to learn more about deaf-blindness and how to help her daughter, Sheyla; as well as learn more about how to help other families of children who are deaf-blind in Indiana.

My story starts with my son, Joshua. The second year of his life Joshua was still undiagnosed with any disease until the day we had a 45 minute seizure that almost ended his life. It was at this time Joshua was disgnosed with C.P., Lebers, small kidneys, small brain seizure disorder, and heart problems. All the diagnoses were severe to profound that led the doctors at Riley Hospital to announce that Joshua would probably not live to see his fifth birthday. Joshua was born in 1981 and his sister, Jennifer, was born in 1984 with the same diagnosis but without the heart problems.

Listen to Joshua's Story     Listen to Joshua's Story